QUALITAS Remos is a reference company in providing innovative technology and data intensive solutions and services to the marine sector. Our key business asset is the experienced, multidisciplinary, specialized, dedicated, outstanding team of persons working together and for our customers, based in different countries, organized on projects.

Principals & management

  • Andres Alonso-Martirena, President
  • Peter Horstmann, Vicepresident
  • Carlos Gonzalez Pericot, Vicepresident
  • Pedro Agostinho, BU Manager, Systems Engineer
  • Zouhair Benmoussa, BU Manager, Telecom Engineer
  • Felix Bueno, BU Manager, Environmental Engineer
  • Jorge Sanchez, International BD and Innovation Manager, MSc in Computer Science, MBA

Technical staff

  • Angel Gil, Electronics Engineer
  • María Inmaculada Ferrer, Mathematician, MSc in Applied Physical Oceanography
  • Juan Carlos Galeano, Telecom Engineer
  • Luis San Juan Germán, MSc in Computer Science
  • Nelson Martins, Systems
  • Bruno Pereira, Computer Science
  • Ismael López, Geographer and Environmental Engineer, Master in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
  • Maria Joao Fernandes, MSc in Geology and Environmental Sciences
  • Abderrahim Oulhassan, Computer Science
  • Mimoun Oudib, Systems
  • Abdelaziz Fellah, Computer Science
  • El Mostafa Bouhal, Electrical Specialist
  • Abdellah Oubelhamid, Electronics Engineer

Administrative staff

  • Mª Cruz Castañeda
  • Aurora Ibañez
  • Cristina Bucheli
  • Saida Yousri