We strongly believe that science and innovation are necessary instruments to face nowadays challenges. QUALITAS Remos gives great importance to R&D as a backbone of our business to obtain new technological solutions and to improve our services.

As a direct consequence of this commitment:

    • We participate in several R&D programs funded by different institutions like Innovation Norway, Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies, European Regional Development Fund… We have partnered in these projects with different international science and operational organizations such as

    • QUALITAS has developed solutions such as the PORTUS by QUALITAS marine information system which is an integrated solution for the efficient monitoring, processing and management of ocean data.

In Spain we participate in different research projects and technological platforms like:

    • PROTECMA (http://www.ptprotecma.es/protecma/index.php). SpanishTechnological Platform for the  Coastal and Marine Environment Protection. Qualitas coordinates together with Puertos del Estado and CETMAR the working group on Operational Oceanography and Technology Development
    • MORADA (https://sites.google.com/site/proyectomorada/home). High Frequency Radar Oceanographic Measurements in Ria de Vigo ( Dr. Juan Luis Herrera Cortijo, University of Vigo). Qualitas participates as an Observer Entity Sponsor (EPO)
    • MESTRAL.  Modelization and Advanced Observational Technologies to Link Transport Processes, Underwater Light Field Variability and Water Quality in a Coastal Ecosystem (Dr. Jaume Piera, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSIC). Qualitas participates as an Observer Entity Sponsor (EPO)
    • MORDOR-E: Met-Ocean Research Development for Operational Renewable Energy. Qualitas is one of the partners in this project, together with IH Cantabria, CSIC and Predictia.

QUALITAS R+D activities are supported by the Program Torres Quevedo through funding of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance and the European Social Fund.