QUALITAS Remos mantains an Integrated Value Proposal to provide highest value innovative knowledge intensive solutions associated with technology and data to the operational oceanography, search and rescue, offshore and marine renewables customer base. This proposal is based on the following elements:

Dedication to target markets

Because each of our clients needs is unique, QUALITAS Remos gives great importance to the preliminary phase of project study to understand requirements, determine its feasibility and to analyse all possible alternatives. We use innovation and our specialised team and partners to provide the most suitable solution to each of our target markets both in the private and public sector.

The vast experience of our staff and partners in the different markets where we work is the best guarantee for our clients.

Specialised world leading knowledge

Expertise, state of the art technology, key alliances and local partners in each country where we work, enable QUALITAS Remos to offer world leading knowledge with a specialised approach on high value innovative turnkey solutions and services for the Marine Environment.