QUALITAS Remos Principles

QUALITAS Remos shares with its employees the firm compromise to make the world a better place to live in. Therefore we support fair, responsible and profitable long-term relations with all parties involved as well as initiatives committed with social, quality and environmental development.

QUALITAS Remos aspires to maintain leadership in our activity. Core objective of our strategy is therefore to develop enduring and profitable relationships built on open communication, mutual trust and loyalty at the same time with employees, partners and clients.

QUALITAS Remos understands R+D as an essential element to deliver innovative added value solutions. Driver of our R+D initiatives are the most advanced users worldwide together with whom we create project targeted work teams to give response to their continually evolving needs. 

QUALITAS Remos respects the law of the countries where it carries out its activity. Laws vary from country to country and obedience to the laws is necessary but not sufficient. Our commitment to honesty and integrity, our desire to contribute to human progress and our commitment to mutual advantage in all of our relationships are part of our beliefs and values.



QUALITY has been a priority objective for QUALITAS since it was founded and today it remains one of our pillars. The commitment to quality and continuous improvement is shared by all QUALITAS professionals in order to enhance customer satisfaction. This commitment goes together with a decisive and permanent effort to improve safety conditions in all our projects and works and the respect for the environment.


Safety is always our first priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk. To prevent accidents, we manage safety in a systematic way and are introducing simple and clear procedures that are easy for people to understand and follow.


Our commitment is to ensure that our engineering projects respect the environment. Our environmental policy includes measures to avoid indirect and/or direct environmental impact by our activity as much as possible.