Gibraltar Strait ProjectSeaSonde HF Radar up in the air monitoring the surface circulation in the Strait of Gibraltar

CODAR SeaSonde HF Radar is a unique technology to monitor, in real time, 2D surface currents and waves in the coastal areas. The Straits of Gibraltar, in particular, is an oceanographic region with unmatched confluence of important commerce, security, and oceanographic processes. The geographic scale of the Straits also are well matched to the remote sensing capabilities of a network of shorebased HF radar systems… » read more


Dubai Strait ProjectMeasuring the World and beyond

Located inside the Arabian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is home to some of the new millennium’s boldest engineering construction projects. Records are being made here, withoffshoreprojects such as The Palm Islands that are the largest man-made islands in the world. The latest project, named “The World” is an archipelago of 300 manmade islands laid out in the shape of an earth map. These “resort islands”, located just a few km offshore, will support multi-million dollar dwellings and vacation amenities. Constructed primarily with dredged sand» read more


Puertos Strait ProjectSpanish National Ports and Harbours Authority (“Puertos del Estado”) Portus Marine Information System

The expansion of ocean observing networks (in situ observing networks such as buoys, mareographs and other, remote earth based observing platforms such as coastal HF radars and satellite information) together with the operational integration of new ocean forecasting tools is resulting in a continuous accumulative growth of information about the ocean… » read more