Madeira starts HF Radar Currents Monitoring Initiative

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The Madeira Ocean Observatory (OOM) goal is to establish an Excellency center dedicated to the ocean monitoring and research. This initiative aggregates a multidisciplinary scientific community from several entities, focused on the cooperation towards a better use of resources. This will allow the Autonomous Region of Madeira (Portugal) to improve its marine resources knowledge and management.

The OOM and QUALITAS signed a contract focused on the deployment of two CODAR SeaSonde HF Radars in the Madeira Island (Portugal). The project contemplates two 6-month deployments in two different locations in the island. The radars, operating at a frequency of 13.5 MHz, will provide measurements up to 75 km range.

The goal of this project is the monitoring of the ocean currents and wave conditions, and the first deployment shall start by the end of June 2017. The data shall be used for the characterization of the oceanographic conditions, and the calibration of O.O.M. circulation models.

Island wakes in Madeira generate a rich variety of sub-mesoscale systems such as eddies, fronts, upwelling phenomena and jets that SeaSonde HF radar technology will help to better monitor and understand.

This project is funded by FEDER through the IDR – Instituto do Desenvolvimento Regional (M1420- 01-0145-FEDER-000001- Observatório Oceânico da Madeira- OOM), and has the support of several entities, such as the Centro de Maricultura da Calheta, the Madeira Regional Direction of Fisheries, the Hydrographic Institute of the Portuguese Navy, amongst others.

Additional information can be found in:

Estimated coverage map (dark red represents the total map produced from the radial maps – in light red purple)