SICOMAR SeaSonde HF radar system now operational in Tuscany

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Two SeaSonde coastal HF radars have been acquired by REGIONE TOSCANA in the framework of the SICOMAR cross border Italy-France project to support safety at sea and marine monitoring. After a two week educational program held at the Naval Academy in Livorno by QUALITAS Remos staff and UNIVERSITY OF NAPLES scientists the new system is now operational and managed by LaMMA Consortium (CNR-REGIONE TOSCANA). A group of 15+ partner organization staff persons attended the meeting and discussed about the technology and future efforts on topics like:

  • Introduction to SeaSonde HF radar hardware & software
  • Procedures and experience on system operation and maintenance
  • Fine tuning of a system, QA/QC and data management
  • R&D activities and downstream products for end-users


The two SeaSonde stations have been installed, first one, inside the premises of the Naval Academy in Livorno and, second one, on top of the San Vincenzo Harbor building, taking advantage of the uniquely compact SeaSonde HF radar design.

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